Yesterday, It Was Saturday

Yesterday, it was Saturday. I sat in the passenger seat peering out of the window, admiring the Springtime as dad guided the Chrysler through the streets of Merrick. Felix Hernandez spent a good portion of the morning playing oldies and reminding us that we were tuned in to the “Rhythm Revue”. French Fries from Wendy’s and dry cleaned work shirts… that’s what yesterday smelled like.

I wanted to rent a game from the video store, but before I could ask him, The Temptations came on. He smiled as he raised the volume and immediately began singing back up. I was confused by his obsession with MoTown, but that’s what yesterday sounded like.

It was routine. Eventually the song faded out as Felix would thank us for spending another Saturday listening to “oldies” with him. Dad merged onto the Meadowbrook Parkway just as Smokey Robinson was getting started. “You need a love like mine that you can depend on”… every Saturday morning ended once those words were spoken. The Rhythm Revue ended with the same song every week. Yesterday, it was Saturday, May of 1994.


One thought on “Yesterday, It Was Saturday”

  1. Wow.. you never know how much your children remember the days of riding in the car with their parents … he must have had such fond memories.. I would like to know how many Saturdays Jarretts kids will remember.. good work Nephew…


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