Username:Coolkid65 password: Borncool832$. Update status. Wait. 1 like. Wait. 4 likes. Wait. 2 comments. LOL. Was it funny? I thought so. 8 likes. Scroll down. Buy our pants. I need pants. *click* express shipping, because I need pants. 4 comments. Refresh feed. Laura is eating tacos at Joes house. Expand. Simmon likes this. Refresh. Scroll down. National Muffin Day banner. Share. Wait. 1 like. Wait. 6 likes. LOL, says Chris. Was that funny? I thought it was. Refresh. Buffering. Server offline, please try back. Home button. Bank account $36.14, but I knew that. Yahoo mail says “here are 40 ways to please your man. I’m a boy, this doesn’t apply. Spam. Health app says “you’ve taken 245 steps today, way to go!”… it’s 5pm. Power off… look at that bird… power on, camera app *click*, add filter. Share. Caption: take time to appreciate life, nature rocks. Wait. 1 like. Wait. Sherry comments: awesome pic, follow my band’s music page. Delete comment. How unaware is Sherry. Refresh. Scroll down. Nothing new. Dinner time, opens camera app. *click* Caption: Captain Crunch for dinner LOL. Share. Wait. Wait. Wait. 1 comment. Tara says: Damn. Refresh. Your package has been shipped! Bed time. Power off. Charger plugged in. Power on, check my comments. 0 new. Power off. Tv on. “Download the face me app! Video chat your friends live!” Power off. Phone, power on. Search. Faceme. Download. Password. Confirmed. Open. Add contacts from phone book? Yes. Syncing….. syncing…. syncing….. 0 friends.


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