Karen walked in 20 minutes too late. “She” was at the kitchen table barefoot eating eggs wearing only his Yale sweatshirt. Her mother’s voice echoed in her head “Don’t you ever fall for a man like your daddy, He ain’t no good”.

Karen, without physical reaction, exited the apartment and made haste down the hallway, clutching her purse as though it was all that she had left.

The elevator had been waiting for her as if it already knew what was going to happen. It braced for her angry weight as she entered and Began violently pushing the lobby button, fighting back tears. Why wouldn’t the doors close?

Finally she began her descent. The rickety old lift swayed back and forth slowly as it brought her back down to earth. *Ding* She was free. Stepping quickly, she lowered her head to hide her frazzled expression. She took long, Gazelle like strides until the push bar was at her belly… *poof* her umbrella popped open. Leaning forward, she was released into lower Manhattan.

Without looking back to see if he had pursued, she raised her arm….

“Taxi” she whimpered.

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