Phantom Rain

“I meditated at the peak of my favorite hiking trail…. I miss you Katie, I hope you heard me.”

His mind would drift carelessly for hours… thoughts aimlessly wandering a desolate dreamscape in desperate hope that she would be there waiting for him.

He imagined, with outstretched arms she would welcome him home…home where he would bury himself in her breast forever.

So he searched the depths of his mind tirelessly…. marching along stream-side trails, through valleys and over hills until he reached the field of dead flowers. Festering, cancerous memories. A necropolis that only he visited.

With surrender in his heart, he prayed that the sky would open up and release the rains of Spring, rejuvenating all that had been lost in love and war. He cried out…

Oh, for a chance to try again….reanimate the corpse of what once was. He prayed. He begged. He pleaded until finally…..

April never came….


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