Like an angel…

The moonlight bathed you in solace. Its blue glow softly soaked the bed as the rain danced timidly on the ledge. The violent countryside wind had dissipated into a gentle whisper by the time it reached your skin…. it traveled miles just to sing to you, calmly.

No stir. No tremble. No shake…. you rested so easily tonight. Silently. Stilly….

While uneasily I writhed in leather. Sweaty nightmares of seemingly fabricated childhood trauma…drowning in fear of inadequacy. They pointed fingers and they frowned at me. Turned up noses and folded arms…The disappointment.

Discontent. The disconnect between a fathered child and sense of fulfillment….

But you didn’t see it. I died on this couch…. suffocated by fear of failure. I let the world down, or so I had thought.

I didn’t do enough.

Tonight you’ve won. You were right. In such victory you’ve gained peace, while I’ve gained hell.


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