Mr Buttons

I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me….

That elderly man behind the library…That couple in the pizza parlor… Those 9 children at the Franklin Street prep school….no more, Mr. Buttons.

I can never wash away the stench of murder… I can never be a normal boy because of you. You’ve taken my humanity, Mr. Buttons.

I can’t look at a girl normally… Juvenile thoughts of puppy love and sneaky afternoon grope sessions under rusted bleachers in the school yard… This doesn’t exist. I can’t set eyes on a girl without my mind manufacturing lusty thoughts of painting my chest with her blood…. Murder, Mr. Buttons. 

You have only taught me murder, Mr. Buttons…But no more, Mr. Buttons….. I must murder Mr. Buttons….. No… More…. Mr. Buttons. 


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